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The following information specifically refers to our Standard and Classical Instrument & Equipment policies

The Hanover Insurance Group Reporting Instructions

Claim inquires to confirm receipt of claim, documents or obtain claim status can be submitted electronically to: imclaiminfo@hanover.com

Instrument & Equipment Claim Guidelines

If an Instrument & Equipment claim does occur, the following guidelines should help you through the claims process.

Please note: All losses have a $100 deductible per claim, not per item.

All Losses
  1. Claims should be reported to The Hanover Insurance Group as follows:

    Submit to The Hanover Insurance Group a:

    Damage Questionnaire or Theft Questionnaire
  2. An estimate or repair bill must be submitted for each piece of equipment damaged, and this must be obtained from a certified repair shop. The name, address & phone number of the shop and serial number of the item, if any, must be on the receipt.
  3. If an item is damaged beyond repair of will cost more to fix than you have it scheduled for, this is considered a total loss with the amount it would cost to have it repaired.
  4. All losses need replacement estimates. This can be from any source you will be purchasing your replacement item from, such as a store, an ad, or the internet.
  5. If you do not have original bills, receipts, or purchase orders, please advise on where, when, and for how much you purchased the item.
  6. It is critical that all claims be reported immediately. Failure to report a claim promptly can result in a breach of policy conditions, resulting in a lack of coverage.
In the event of the following claims, the steps listed below will need to be taken in addition to the steps above:

Theft/Misplaced Items

If an item is stolen or misplaced, a police report MUST be filed. A list of all missing items needs to be included, along with serial numbers, if any. If you are not able to obtain the report immediately, please submit the police report number, along with the precinct and phone number. The actual will still be needed.

Airline Loss

  1. Submit the airline & flight destination and a copy of the stub, if available

  2. Submit a copy of any complaint that was written to the airlines.

Fire Losses

  1. If the loss was due to a fire, a fire report should be submitted

For the most detailed information about how to report any type of claim – Studio, Tour, Special Event or other – please refer directly to your policy for underwriter contact information.

If your claim concerns a policy that is not our Instrument & Equipment or Classical Instrument floater policy, please call 1-800-MusicPro (1-800-687-4277). Press the option for claims or dial 516-487-0300 and ask to be connected to the Claims Department.